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Aerial picture of Hattears Island.

No one can begin to imagine what a truly unique and serene place the Village of Hatteras is without visiting here. The end of the island almost seems like the end of the world when you finally arrive. Hatteras offers an odd blend of old time fishing tradition combined with the glitz and glamour of modern sportfishing style fishing yachts. No visit to Cape Hatteras or Hatteras Village could be complete without witnessing those offshore sportfishing yachts rumbling in after a day at sea and then unloading their catch on the village's marina docks. Here is the Wikipedia link to Hatteras.

Hatteras Village is located on the extreme SW end of Cape Hatteras Island but the actual geography takes a little explanation. At the north end of the island you will enter by crossing the Oregon Inlet bridge. After leaving the bridge you will see signs mentioning Pea Island and the Pea Island Wildlife Station. Pea Island? Wait a minute. I thought I was on Hatteras Island. Well, actually you are.... at least now you are on Hatteras Island heading toward Cape Hatteras.

Over the years Cape Hatteras was divided in two islands several times. At one time it was divided by a hurricane at a place that you will see about five miles south of The Bonner Bridge that was named New Inlet. You will need to watch closely because New Inlet actually closed itself up and is nothing more then an unimproved paved boat ramp now. If you look out toward the sound while you are passing it, you will notice some old dilapidated wood pilings that look like they might have been the old bridge over New Inlet but those pilings are actually the remains of on old train trestle. A train on a sand island you might be asking? At one time the entire Hatteras Island was covered with live oak trees. The resulting logging industry here was so valuable that the industry built a train system just to transport their harvest inland!

Although the name Hatteras often brings to mind the tallest brick lighthouse  in the United States Hatteras Lighthouse at 208 feet tall the actual lighthouse itself is located in the neighboring village of Buxton. So the Village of Hatteras was actually named after the island which was named after the original native American Hatteras tribe.

So lets add up the score. We have an island with a village named for the island and a lighthouse named also for the island and not the village. When anyone brings up any subject about "Hatteras" we basically assume that we are talking about all of Hatteras Island and not necessarily just the village. With plenty of Hatteras Island tackle shops, restaurants, motels and other businesses available it may be a little bit confusing but Hatteras sure makes a very inviting place to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities.

Local Controversy Should Be A National Concern!

Whether you agree or disagree with the politics involved, Hatteras Island is deeply embroiled in some serious issues for its survival. Along with the fuel and housing crunch that all American's are currently feeling, the local businesses and citizens have been forced to take an active roll in defending North Carolina's previously free and open beaches which have always been the basis of the local economy. To hear our local's point of view please visit Island Free Press and also watch this eye opening [video].

Driving on the Beach  

Driving on the Beach/Beach Access Map

The National Park Service has instituted their new ORV Plan for Hatteras Island. This new plan includes a regulation requiring a special permit for driving on the beach on Hatteras Island. Visitors can pick up a permit at Coquina Beach, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse or the Ocracoke Visitor Center. Two types of permits are available ($50 for 7 days or $120 for a full calendar year). You will also be required to watch a very informative seven minute video in order to get this permit and we highly recommend everyone watch this even if you have no plans to drive on the beach because it discusses things like dogs on the beach and fires, fireworks, kites, frisbees, balls, etc.   You can find this video and also a link to the most current NPS beach closure and access maps by clicking [HERE].


Hatteras Island juts out easterly into the Atlantic Ocean which make the the warm waters of the Gulf Stream come extremely close to  Cape Hatteras. This location offers a perfect environment for the early northern migration of many ocean species of fish both inshore and offshore. When the fish arrive it doesn’t take long for the word to circulate and anglers from all over will line up at “The Point” for an opportunity to catch their own fish of a lifetime.

Hatteras Island is also the home of the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club with a membership of over 900. CHAC holds an invitational surf fishing team tournament every fall as well as also sending its own members to represent CHAC at several tournaments along the East Coast. CHAC is a great place for visiting fishermen to make contact and get the most up to date information on what is happening at Cape Hatteras, NC.

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Optician's Choice Polarized Sunglasses

Optician's Choice Sunglasses

Basic Travel Preparation

I am often asked to provide a list of things that I might consider to be basic travel preparations. One of the things that many visitors are always concerned about is exactly what our area has available in case of medical emergencies. Rest assured that Hatteras Island has exceptional medical attention always available. Please visit this page for a listing of medical and dental facilities that are currently available.


Neighbors and Businesses

Hatteras has several small neighborhoods with a variety of variously priced homes. Beware though, even with the current housing crunch beach property still doesn't come cheap. The main highway is State Route 12 which runs through the center of Hatteras Village and has several motels along it. Many of the homes in and around the Village of Hatteras are available for weekly rental. Hatteras is also the home to the NCDOT ferry dock which is part of the awesome NC ferry systems. There is also a very active and high quality  US Coast Guard Station located at Hatteras.

Lone Woman on the Boat



"Lone Woman on the Boat" by local author Melba Milak




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